Collecting Movie Posters

Unlike comic books, baseball cards, and other collectables, movie posters were never meant to be sold to the public. They were not produced to be collected. Movie posters were made to advertise current and upcoming movies, and consequently, many movie posters were simply used up, wore out, and thrown away. Movie posters were printed in limited quantities, not mass produced. No one knows exactly how many original posters were printed or how many were used or destroyed. The studios did know that independent poster exchanges existed and as all wise businessmen would, we believe they only produced what they needed. Our exchange in Oklahoma served many theaters across the United States, and in several other countries. Most movies were in release for a longer time, and the posters were rented many, many times, reducing the need for large quantities of posters and at the same time wearing out those produced.

There are many horror stories of exchanges being sold to scrap paper companies, as well as other disasters. Luckily for collectors, a few independent poster exchanges managed to stay in business through the changing times of the movie business. These exchanges provided a place for collectors to purchase vintage posters. And so it began.

Collectors and collections are as diverse as the movies. Many collect by star, director or character; by categories-sci-fi, noir, crime, sports, 50's, musicals, rock; by art or artist; the list is endless. Old advise is the best advice, buy what you love. If you love it, others will too.